English Language Arts Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Author/Title of Well Known Literature

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Vermont Standards

VT.1.4. Reading: Reading Range of Text: Students comprehend and respond to a range of media, images, and text (e.g., poetry, narrative, information, technical) for a variety of purposes (e.g., reading for pleasure as well as reading to develop understanding and expertise).
R3.18. Grade Level Expectation: Reading Extensively: Demonstrates the habit of reading widely and in depth by:
R3.18.1. Reading from at least three different genres/kinds of text and a variety of authors (e.g., literary texts: poetry, plays, fairy tales, fantasy, fables, tall tales, realistic fiction; informational: dictionaries, glossaries, textbooks, children's magazines, children's newspapers, content trade books; and practical/functional texts: procedures, instructions, simple menus, labels, announcements, invitations, book orders).
R3.18.2. Reading at least the equivalent of four books by an author, about a subject, or in one genre.

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