English Language Arts Worksheets and Study Guides Sixth Grade. Parts of Speech

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Maryland Standards

MD.2.0. Comprehension of Informational Text
2.A.1. Develop and apply comprehension skills by reading a variety of self-selected and assigned print and non-print informational texts, including electronic media
2.A.1.a. Read, use, and identify the characteristics of nonfiction materials such as textbooks, appropriate reference materials, research and historical documents, personal narratives, diaries, and journals, biographies, newspapers, letters, articles, web sites and other online materials, other appropriate content-specific texts to gain information and content knowledge
MD.3.0. Comprehension of Literary Text
3.A.8. Read critically to evaluate literary texts
3.A.8.c. Identify and explain the relationship between a literary text and its historical and/or social context
MD.4.0. Writing
4.A.3. Compose texts using the revising and editing strategies of effective writers and speakers
4.A.3.a. Revise texts for clarity, completeness, and effectiveness
4.A.3.a.5. Maintain consistent person, number and tense
MD.5.0. Controlling Language
5.A.2. Recognize, recall, and use grammar concepts and skills to strengthen control of oral and written language
5.A.2.a. Recognize the meaning, position, form, and function of words when identifying grammatical concepts such as indefinite pronouns, perfect verb tenses, conjunctive adverbs, and correlative conjunctions
5.B.2. Comprehend and apply standard English USAge in oral and written language
5.B.2.a. Apply appropriate subject/verb agreement such as with collective nouns, indefinite pronouns, and inverted word order
5.B.2.b. Apply consistent and appropriate use of the principal parts of regular and irregular verbs; person, number, and case of pronouns; pronoun/antecedent agreement; and degrees of comparison of modifiers
5.B.2.c. Recognize and correct common USAge errors such as misplaced modifiers; incorrect use of verbs; double negatives; and commonly confused words such as accept - except