English Language Arts Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Reading Rate

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Rhode Island Standards

RI.R-8-11. NECAP (Reading) - Grade Level Expectation: Reading Fluency and Accuracy: Reads grade-level appropriate material with:
R-8-11.1. Accuracy: reading material appropriate for grade 8 with at least 90-94% accuracy (Local)
R-8-11.2. Fluency: reading with appropriate silent and oral reading fluency rates as determined by text demands, and purpose for reading (Local)
RI.R-8-12. NECAP (Reading) - Grade Level Expectation: Reading Strategies: Strategies for Monitoring and Adjusting and Reading: Comprehension Strategies: Demonstrates ability to monitor comprehension for different types of texts and purposes by:
R-8-12.1. Using a range of self-monitoring and self-correction approaches (e.g., predicting and confirming, rereading, adjusting rate, sub-vocalizing, consulting resources, questioning, skimming, scanning, using syntax/language structure, semantics/meaning, or other context cues) (Local)

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