Math Worksheets and Study Guides Second Grade. Solids

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New York State Learning Standards and Core Curriculum

NY-2.MD. Measurement & Data
Measure and estimate lengths in standard units.
NY-2.MD.1. Measure the length of an object to the nearest whole by selecting and using appropriate tools such as rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes.
Represent and interpret data.
NY-2.MD.9. Generate measurement data by measuring lengths of several objects to the nearest whole unit, or by making repeated measurements of the same object. Present the measurement data in a line plot, where the horizontal scale is marked off in whole-number units.
NY-2.MD.10. Draw a picture graph and a bar graph (with single-unit scale) to represent a data set with up to four categories. Solve simple put-together, take-apart, and compare problems using information presented in a picture graph or a bar graph.
NY-2.G. Geometry
Reason with shapes and their attributes.
NY-2.G.1. Classify two-dimensional figures as polygons or non-polygons.