Math Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Ordering and Comparing Numbers

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Ohio Standards

OH.NNSO. Number, Number Sense and Operations: Students demonstrate number sense, including an understanding of number systems and operations and how they relate to one another. Students compute fluently and make reasonable estimates using paper and pencil, technology-supported and mental methods.
NNSO.2. Grade Level Indicator: Number and Number Systems: Use place value concepts to represent whole numbers and decimals using numerals, words, expanded notation and physical models. For example:
NNSO.2.a. Recognize 100 means “10 tens” as well as a single entity (1 hundred) through physical models and trading games.
NNSO.2.c. Model the size of 1000 in multiple ways; e.g., packaging 1000 objects into 10 boxes of 100, modeling a meter with centimeter and decimeter strips, or gathering 1000 pop-can tabs.
NNSO.3. Grade Level Indicator: Number and Number Systems: Use mathematical language and symbols to compare and order; e.g., less than, greater than, at most, at least.
NNSO.A. Use place value structure of the base-ten number system to read, write, represent and compare whole numbers and decimals.