Math Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Sequences

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Oklahoma Academic Standards

OK.A1. Algebra 1 (A1)
A1.A. Algebraic Reasoning & Algebra (A)
A1.A.3. Generate equivalent algebraic expressions and use algebraic properties to evaluate expressions and arithmetic and geometric sequences.
A1.A.3.5. Recognize that arithmetic sequences are linear using equations, tables, graphs, and verbal descriptions. Use the pattern, find the next term.
A1.A.3.6. Recognize that geometric sequences are exponential using equations, tables, graphs and verbal descriptions. Given the formula f(x) = a(r)^x, find the next term and define the meaning of a and r within the context of the problem.
OK.A2. Algebra 2 (A2)
A2.A. Algebraic Reasoning & Algebra (A)
A2.A.1. Represent and solve mathematical and real-world problems using nonlinear equations and systems of linear equations; interpret the solutions in the original context.
A2.A.1.7. Solve real-world and mathematical problems that can be modeled using arithmetic or finite geometric sequences or series given the nth terms and sum formulas. Graphing calculators or other appropriate technology may be used.