Math Worksheets and Study Guides Kindergarten. Wet & Dry

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Maryland Standards

MD.1.0. Knowledge of Algebra, Patterns, and Functions: Students will algebraically represent, model, analyze, or solve mathematical or real-world problems involving patterns or functional relationships.
1.A.2. Patterns and Functions: Identify, copy, describe, create, and extend non-numeric patterns.
1.A.2.c. Sort a collection of objects according to a rule.
MD.2.0. Knowledge Geometry: Students will apply the properties of one-, two-, or three-dimensional geometric figures to describe, reason, or solve problems about shape, size, position, or motion of objects.
2.A.1. Plane Geometric Figures: Recognize and describe the attributes of plane geometric figures.
2.A.1.a. Sort and regroup everyday objects and geometric figures according to attributes such as: shape, color, size.
2.B.1. Solid Geometric Figures: Recognize, describe, and use the attributes of solid geometric figures.
2.B.1.a. Match, sort, and regroup objects according to attributes.
MD.3.0. Knowledge of Measurement: Students will identify attributes, units, or systems of measurements or apply a variety of techniques, formulas, tools, or technology for determining measurements.
3.A.1. Measurement Units: Explore measurement units.
3.A.1.a. Order, compare, and describe objects by attributes such as: length/height, weight, capacity.
MD.7.0. Processes of Mathematics: Students demonstrate the processes of mathematics by making connections and applying reasoning to solve and to communicate their findings.
7.C.1. Communication: Present mathematical ideas using words, symbols, visual displays, or technology.
7.C.1.a. Use multiple representations to express concepts or solutions.
7.C.1.d. Express solutions using concrete materials.