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The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Maine Learning Results

ME.E. The Living Environment: Students understand that cells are the basic unit of life, that all life as we know it has evolved through genetic transfer and natural selection to create a great diversity of organisms, and that these organisms create interdependent webs through which matter and energy flow. Students understand similarities and differences between humans and other organisms and the interconnections of these interdependent webs.
E.1. Biodiversity: Students describe similarities and differences in the observable behaviors, features, and needs of plants and animals.
E.1.c. Describe how organisms change during their lifetime.
E.4. Heredity and Reproduction: Students describe the cycle of birth, development, and death in different organisms and the ways in which organisms resemble their parents.
E.4.b. Describe the life cycle of a plant or animal (including being born, growing, reproducing, and dying).