Science Worksheets and Study Guides First Grade. Did you Know... 1st Grade

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards

NH.ESS4. Earth Space Science: The growth of scientific knowledge in Earth Space Science has been advanced through the development of technology and is used (alone or in combination with other sciences) to identify, understand and solve local and global issues.
S:ESS4:2:3.2. Local and Global Environmental Issues: Students will identify environments that are natural, such as a forest, meadow, or mountains and those that have been built or modified by people, including cities, roads, farms, and houses.
NH.LS1. Life Science: All living organisms have identifiable structures and characteristics that allow for survival (organisms, populations, and species).
S:LS1:2:1.1. Classification: Students will differentiate between living and nonliving things; and categorize objects in each group using the significant observable characteristics they share, such as color, shape and size.
S:LS1:2:3.2. Reproduction: Students will recognize that living things have a life cycle, during which they are born, grow, and die.
NH.LS2. Life Science: Energy flows and matter recycles through an ecosystem.
S:LS2:2:1.1. Environment: Students will recognize that living things can be found almost anyplace in the world; and that specific types of environments are required to support the many different species of plant and animal life.
S:LS2:2:2.1. Flow of Energy: Students will identify the resources plants and animals need for growth and energy, and describe how their habitat provides these basic needs.
NH.PS2. Physical Science: Energy is necessary for change to occur in matter. Energy can be stored, transferred and transformed, but cannot be destroyed.
S:PS2:2:1.2. Change: Students will recognize that not all materials react the same way when an action is applied to them.