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The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Ohio Learning Standards

Topic: Basic Needs of Living Things - This topic focuses on the physical needs of living things in Ohio. Energy from the sun or food, nutrients, water, shelter and air are some of the physical needs of living things.
1.LS.2: Living things survive only in environments that meet their needs.
Resources are necessary to meet the needs of an individual and populations of individuals. Living things interact with their physical environments as they meet those needs.
Topic: Motion and Materials - This topic focuses on the changes in properties that occur in objects and materials. Changes of position of an object are a result of pushing or pulling.
1.PS.2: Objects can be moved in a variety of ways, such as straight, zigzag, circular and back and forth.
The position of an object can be described by locating it relative to another object or to the object’s surroundings. An object is in motion when its position is changing.
The motion of an object can be affected by pushing or pulling. A push or pull is a force that can make an object move faster, slower or go in a different direction. Changes in motion are a result of changes in energy.