Science Worksheets and Study Guides First Grade. Light and sound

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards

PA.3.2. Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics
3.2.A. Chemistry
Properties of Matter
3.2.1.A1a. Observe and describe the properties of liquids and solids.
Matter & Energy
3.2.1.A3. Identify how heating, melting, cooling, etc., may cause changes in properties of materials.
3.2.1.A4. Observe and describe what happens when substances are heated or cooled. Distinguish between changes that are reversible (melting, freezing) and not reversible (e.g. baking a cake, burning fuel).
Unifying Themes
3.2.1.A5. CONSTANCY AND CHANGE: Recognize that everything is made of matter.
3.2.B. Physics
Force & Motion of Particles and Rigid Bodies
3.2.1.B1a. Demonstrate various types of motion.
3.2.1.B1b. Observe and describe how pushes and pulls change the motion of objects.
PA.3.3. Earth and Space Sciences
3.3.A. Earth Structure, Processes and Cycles
Weather and Climate
3.3.1.A5b. Collect, describe, and record basic information about weather over time.