Science Worksheets and Study Guides Second Grade. Science in our world

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Florida Standards

FL.SC.2.L. Life Science
SC.2.L.16. Heredity and Reproduction - A. Offspring of plants and animals are similar to, but not exactly like, their parents or each other. B. Life cycles vary among organisms, but reproduction is a major stage in the life cycle of all organisms.
SC.2.L.16.1. Observe and describe major stages in the life cycles of plants and animals, including beans and butterflies.
SC.2.L.17. Interdependence - A. Plants and animals, including humans, interact with and depend upon each other and their environment to satisfy their basic needs. B. Both human activities and natural events can have major impacts on the environment. C. Energy flows from the sun through producers to consumers.
SC.2.L.17.1. Compare and contrast the basic needs that all living things, including humans, have for survival.
SC.2.L.17.2. Recognize and explain that living things are found all over Earth, but each is only able to live in habitats that meet its basic needs.