Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. All About Energy

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Delaware Standards

DE.3. Energy and Its Effects
3.1. The Forms and Sources of Energy
Enduring Understanding: Energy takes many forms. These forms can be grouped into types of energy that are associated with the motion of mass (kinetic energy), and types of energy associated with the position of mass and with energy fields (potential energy).
3.1.B. Objects that move (i.e., moving air, moving water) have energy because of their motion. (Level: Important)
3.1.C. Heat energy is a form of energy that makes things warmer. (Level: Important)
3.1.D. Electrical energy is a form of energy that is used to operate many of our tools and appliances. (Level: Compact)
3.2. Forces and the Transfer of Energy
Enduring Understanding: Changes take place because of the transfer of energy. Energy is transferred to matter through the action of forces. Different forces are responsible for the transfer of the different forms of energy.
3.2.B. When balanced forces act on an object it will remain at rest, but if unbalanced forces act on the object it will begin to move. (Level: Important)
DE.8. Ecology
8.3. Human Impact
Enduring Understanding: Humans can alter the living and non-living factors within an ecosystem, thereby creating changes to the overall system.
8.3.A. Many natural resources are limited. The amount available can be made to last longer by decreasing the use of some resources or by reusing or recycling certain materials. (Level: Essential)