Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. All About Energy

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Mississippi Standards

MS.2. Physical Science: Explain concepts related to objects and materials, position and motion of objects, and properties of magnetism.
2.c. Investigate and describe forces affecting motion in simple machines (lever, wheel and axle, block and tackle, inclined plane, screw.) (DOK 2)
2.d. Differentiate between potential and kinetic energy and recognize their conversions. (DOK 2)
2.d.1. Potential to kinetic (e.g., winding a clock/clock begins ticking)
2.d.2. Kinetic to potential (e.g., roller coaster moving downward/upward to the top of the hill)
2.e. Explain how light waves travel (e.g., in a straight line until they strike an object, through transparent and translucent objects, from reflecting and refracting surfaces, at the surface of opaque objects). (DOK 1)
2.f. Differentiate the movement of vibrations in waves (e.g., sound and seismic waves), and cite examples to explain that vibrations move through different materials at different speeds. (DOK 1)