Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. How Does the Earth's Surface Change?

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Next Generation Science Standards

3-ESS2. Earth’s Systems - Students who demonstrate understanding can:
3-ESS2-1. Represent data in tables and graphical displays to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season.
3-ESS2-2. Obtain and combine information to describe climates in different regions of the world.
3-ESS2.DCI. Disciplinary Core Ideas
ESS2.D: Weather and Climate
ESS2.D:1. Scientists record patterns of the weather across different times and areas so that they can make predictions about what kind of weather might happen next. (3-ESS2-1)
ESS2.D:2. Climate describes a range of an area's typical weather conditions and the extent to which those conditions vary over years. (3-ESS2-2)
3-ESS3. Earth and Human Activity - Students who demonstrate understanding can:
3-ESS3.DCI. Disciplinary Core Ideas
ESS3.B: Natural Hazards
ESS3.B:1. A variety of natural hazards result from natural processes. Humans cannot eliminate natural hazards but can take steps to reduce their impacts. (3-ESS3-1) (Note: This Disciplinary Core Idea is also addressed by 4-ESS3-2.)