Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Life Cycles of Plants and Animals

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Montana Standards

MT.S3. Students, through the inquiry process, demonstrate knowledge of characteristics, structures and function of living things, the process and diversity of life, and how living organisms interact with each other and their environment.
S3.1. Identify that plants and animals have structures and systems that serve different functions for growth, survival, and reproduction
S3.1.gr3.A. List the five needs of every living thing. (energy, habitat, water, nutrients, air)
S3.1.gr3.B. Identify plant and animal structures, i.e., plants: root, stem, leaf. animal: bones, skin
S3.3. Describe and use models that trace the life cycles of different plants and animals and discuss how they are differ from species to species
S3.3.gr3.B. Compare the life cycle of two different organisms in the animal kingdom.
S3.3.gr3.C. Compare the life cycle of two different plant species.