Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Life Cycles of Plants and Animals

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Pennsylvania Standards

PA.3. Science and Technology and Engineering Education
3.1. Biological Sciences
3.1.A. Organisms and Cells
3.1.3.A2. Describe the basic needs of living things and their dependence on light, food, air, water, and shelter.
3.1.3.A3. Illustrate how plants and animals go through predictable life cycles that include birth, growth, development, reproduction, and death.
3.1.3.A5. Identify the structures in plants that are responsible for food production, support, water transport, reproduction, growth, and protection.
3.1.C. Evolution
3.1.3.C1b. Recognize that many plants and animals can survive harsh environments because of seasonal behaviors (e.g. hibernation, migration, trees shedding leaves).
3.1.3.C2. Describe animal characteristics that are necessary for survival.
PA.4. Environment and Ecology
4.3. Natural Resources
4.3.3.A. Identify the natural resources used to make various products.
4.3.3.B. Identify local natural resources.
4.4. Agriculture and Society
4.4.3.A. Identify Pennsylvania crops that provide food for the table and fiber for textiles.
4.4.3.C. Use scientific inquiry to investigate what animals and plants need to grow.
4.5. Humans and the Environment
4.5.3.A. Identify resources humans take from the environment for their survival.