Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Natural resources

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

South Carolina Standards & Learning

3.E.4. The student will demonstrate an understanding of the composition of Earth and the processes that shape features of Earth’s surface.
3.E.4A. Conceptual Understanding: Earth is made of materials (including rocks, minerals, soil, and water) that have distinct properties. These materials provide resources for human activities.
Students who demonstrate this understanding can:
3.E.4A.3. Obtain and communicate information to exemplify how humans obtain, use, and protect renewable and nonrenewable Earth resources.
3.E.4B. Conceptual Understanding: Earth’s surface has changed over time by natural processes and by human activities. Humans can take steps to reduce the impact of these changes.
Students who demonstrate this understanding can:
3.E.4B.4. Define problems caused by a natural event or human activity and design devices or solutions to reduce the impact on the environment.