Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Science Worksheets: Water.

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards

NH.ESS1. Earth Space Science: The Earth and Earth materials, as we know them today, have developed over long periods of time, through constant change processes.
S:ESS1:4:1.1. Atmosphere, Climate, and Weather: Students will explain how water exists in the atmosphere in different forms and describe how it changes from one form to another through various processes such as freezing, condensation, precipitation and evaporation.
S:ESS1:4:6.4. Rock Cycle: Students will use results from an experiment to draw conclusions about how water interacts with earth materials (e.g., percolation, erosion, frost heaves).
S:ESS1:4:7.2. Water: Students will explain that most of Earth's water is salt water, which is found in the oceans, and that fresh water is found in rivers, lakes, underground sources, and glaciers..