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Human body First Grade Science
Cells- The building blocks of living things Fourth Grade Science
Life Cycles of Plants and Animals Third Grade Science
Weather and climate Fourth Grade Science
Cells, tissues and organs Fifth Grade Science

Oregon Standards for Fourth Grade Science

OR.4.1 Structure and Function: Living and non-living things can be classified by their characteristics and properties.

4.1E.1 Identify properties, uses, and availability of Earth materials. (Earth and Space Science)

4.1L.1 Compare and contrast characteristics of fossils and living organisms. (Life Science)

4.1P.1 Describe the properties of forms of energy and how objects vary in the extent to which they absorb, reflect, and conduct energy. (Physical Science)

OR.4.2 Interaction and Change: Living and non-living things undergo changes that involve force and energy.

4.2E.1 Compare and contrast the changes in the surface of Earth that are due to slow and rapid processes. (Earth and Space Science)

4.2L.1 Describe the interactions of organisms and the environment where they live. (Life Science)

4.2P.1 Describe physical changes in matter and explain how they occur. (Physical Science)

OR.4.3 Scientific Inquiry: Scientific inquiry is a process of investigation through questioning, collecting, describing, and examining evidence to explain natural phenomena and artifacts.

4.3S.2 Summarize the results from a scientific investigation and use the results to respond to the question being tested. (Scientific Inquiry)