Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Vertebrates - Animals with Backbones

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Utah Core Standards

UT.V. Students will understand the physical characteristics of Utah's wetlands, forests, and deserts and identify common organisms for each environment.
V.3. Use a simple scheme to classify Utah plants and animals.
V.3.b. Use a simple classification system to classify unfamiliar Utah plants or animals (e.g., fish/amphibians/reptile/bird/mammal, invertebrate/vertebrate, tree/shrub/grass, deciduous/conifers).
V.4. Observe and record the behavior of Utah animals.
V.4.a. Observe and record the behavior of birds (e.g., caring for young, obtaining food, surviving winter).
V.4.b. Describe how the behavior and adaptations of Utah mammals help them survive winter (e.g., obtaining food, building homes, hibernation, migration).
V.4.c. Research and report on the behavior of a species of Utah fish (e.g., feeding on the bottom or surface, time of year and movement of fish to spawn, types of food and how it is obtained).
V.4.d. Compare the structure and behavior of Utah amphibians and reptiles.

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