Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Cells, tissues and organs

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Vermont Standards

VT.HB. Human Body
Enduring Knowledge: The human body is unique in its heredity, body systems and development, and can be affected by the environment.
S5-6:42. Students demonstrate their understanding of the Patterns of Human Health/Disease by:
S5-6:42.1. Explaining the specialized function of white blood cells in the circulatory system. (DOK 2)
VT.LS. Life Science
Enduring Knowledge: All living organisms and their component cells have identifiable characteristics that allow for survival.
S5-6:30. Students demonstrate their understanding of Structure and Function-Survival Requirements by:
S5-6:30.2. Identifying and drawing individual cells seen through a microscope and recognizing that most cells are microscopic. (DOK 1)
S5-6:32. Students demonstrate their understanding of Differentiation by:
S5-6:32.1. Explaining the relationship among cells, tissues, organs and systems. (DOK 2)
S5-6:32.2. Observing plant or animal tissue and explaining how "specialized" cells help to support the specialized function of tissue (e.g., Muscle cells form muscle tissue; skin cells form skin tissue; nerve cells form brain tissue). (DOK 2)