Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Earth's oceans

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Jersey Standards

NJ.5.4.6. Earth Systems Science: Earth operates as a set of complex, dynamic, and interconnected systems, and is a part of the all-encompassing system of the universe.
5.4.6.E. Energy in Earth Systems: Internal and external sources of energy drive Earth systems.
The Sun is the major source of energy for circulating the atmosphere and oceans.
5.4.6.E.1. Generate a conclusion about energy transfer and circulation by observing a model of convection currents.
5.4.6.G. Biogeochemical Cycles: The biogeochemical cycles in the Earth systems include the flow of microscopic and macroscopic resources from one reservoir in the hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, or biosphere to another, are driven by Earth's internal and external sources of energy, and are impacted by human activity.
Circulation of water in marine environments is dependent on factors such as the composition of water masses and energy from the Sun or wind.
5.4.6.G.1. Illustrate global winds and surface currents through the creation of a world map of global winds and currents that explains the relationship between the two factors.