Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Elements, mixtures and compounds

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

South Carolina Standards & Learning

5.P.2. The student will demonstrate an understanding of the physical properties of matter and mixtures.
5.P.2B. Conceptual Understanding: A mixture is formed when two or more kinds of matter are put together. Sometimes when two or more different substances are mixed together, a new substance with different properties may be formed but the total amount (mass) of the substances is conserved. Solutions are a special type of mixture in which one substance is dissolved evenly into another substance. When the physical properties of the components in a mixture are not changed, they can be separated in different physical ways.
Students who demonstrate this understanding can:
5.P.2B.1. Obtain and communicate information to describe what happens to the properties of substances when two or more substances are mixed together.
5.P.2B.2. Analyze and interpret data to support claims that when two substances are mixed the total amount (mass) of the substances does not change.
5.P.2B.3. Develop models using observations to describe mixtures, including solutions, based on their characteristics.