Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Newton's Laws of motion

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Maryland Standards

MD.5.0. Physics: Students will use scientific skills and processes to explain the interactions of matter and energy and the energy transformations that occur
5.A.1. Mechanics: Describe the motion of objects using distance traveled, time, direction, and speed.
5.A.1.a. Observe, describe, and compare types of motion: Uniform motion as equal distances traveled in equal times, such as escalators, conveyor belts; Variable motion as different distances traveled in equal times, such as an accelerating car, falling objects; Periodic motion as motion that repeats itself, such as a child on a swing, a person on a pogo stick.
5.A.2. Mechanics: Explain that the changes in the motion of objects are determined by the mass of an object and the amount (size) of the force applied to it.
5.A.2.a. Observe and give examples that show changes in speed or direction of motion are caused by an interaction of forces acting on an object: Friction; Gravity.
5.A.2.b. Observe and explain the changes in selected motion patterns using the relationship between force and mass.