Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Plant Responses and Adaptations

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Rhode Island World-Class Standards

RI.LS1. Life Science: All living organisms have identifiable structures and characteristics that allow for survival (organisms, populations, & species).
LS1 (5-8)-INQ+ SAE-1. Using data and observations about the biodiversity of an ecosystem make predictions or draw conclusions about how the diversity contributes to the stability of the ecosystem.
LS1 (5-6)-1. Students demonstrate understanding of biodiversity by...
1a. Recognizing that organisms have different features and behaviors for meeting their needs to survive (e.g., fish have gills for respiration, mammals have lungs, bears hibernate).
LS1 (5-8) SAE+FAF-2. Describe or compare how different organisms have mechanisms that work in a coordinated way to obtain energy, grow, move, respond, provide defense, enable reproduction, or maintain internal balance (e.g., cells, tissues, organs and systems).
LS1 (5-6)-2. Students demonstrate understanding of structure and function-survival requirements by...
2a. Describing structures or behaviors that help organisms survive in their environment (e.g., defense, obtaining nutrients, reproduction, and eliminating waste).