Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Properties of matter and Energy

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Rhode Island Standards

RI.PS1. Physical Science: All living and nonliving things are composed of matter having characteristic properties that distinguish one substance from another (independent of size or amount of substance).
PS1 (5-8) INQ-1. Investigate the relationships among mass, volume and density.
PS1 (5-6)-1. Students demonstrate an understanding of characteristic properties of matter by...
1a. Comparing the masses of objects of equal volume made of different substances.
RI.PS2. Physical Science: Energy is necessary for change to occur in matter. Energy can be stored, transferred, and transformed, but cannot be destroyed.
PS2 (5-8) INQ+SAE+POC-7. Use data to draw conclusions about how heat can be transferred (convection, conduction, radiation).
PS2 (5-6)-7. Students demonstrate an understanding of heat energy by...
7a. Identifying real world applications where heat energy is transferred and showing the direction that the heat energy flows.
PS2 (5-8)-SAE+ POC-6. Given a real-world example, show that within a system, energy transforms from one form to another (i.e., chemical, heat, electrical, gravitational, light, sound, mechanical).
PS2 (5-6)-6. Students demonstrate an understanding of energy by...
6a. Differentiating among the properties of various forms of energy.
6b. Explaining how energy may be stored in various ways (e.g. batteries, springs, height in terms of potential energy).