Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. The 6-Kingdoms of life

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Mississippi Standards

MS.3. Life Science: Predict characteristics, structures, life cycles, environments, evolution, and diversity of organisms.
3.a. Compare and contrast the diversity of organisms due to adaptations to show how organisms have evolved as a result of environmental changes. (DOK 2)
3.a.1. Diversity based on kingdoms, phyla, and classes (e.g., internal/external structure, body temperature, size, shape)
3.b. Research and classify the organization of living things. (DOK 2)
3.b.3. Examples of organisms as single-celled or multi-celled
3.d. Distinguish between asexual and sexual reproduction. (DOK 1)
3.d.1. Asexual reproduction processes in plants and fungi (e.g., vegetative propagation in stems, roots, and leaves of plants, budding in yeasts, fruiting bodies in fungi)
3.d.2. Asexual cell division (mushroom spores produced/dispersed)