Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. The nature of science

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

California Standards

CA.IE. Investigation and Experimentation
IE.6. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations. As a basis for understanding this concept and addressing the content in the other three strands, students should develop their own questions and perform investigations. Students will:
IE.6.a. Classify objects (e.g., rocks, plants, leaves) in accordance with appropriate criteria.
IE.6.d. Identify the dependent and controlled variables in an investigation.
IE.6.e. Identify a single independent variable in a scientific investigation and explain how this variable can be used to collect information to answer a question about the results of the experiment.
IE.6.f. Select appropriate tools (e.g., thermometers, meter sticks, balances, and graduated cylinders) and make quantitative observations.
IE.6.g. Record data by using appropriate graphic representations (including charts, graphs, and labeled diagrams) and make inferences based on those data.
IE.6.h. Draw conclusions from scientific evidence and indicate whether further information is needed to support a specific conclusion.