Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. The nature of science

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Michigan Standards

MI.S. Science Processes
S.IA. Inquiry Analysis and Communication: Develop an understanding that scientific inquiry and investigations require analysis and communication of findings, using appropriate technology.
S.IA.M.1. Inquiry includes an analysis and presentation of findings that lead to future questions, research, and investigations.
S.IA.05.13. Communicate and defend findings of observations and investigations using evidence.
S.IA.05.14. Draw conclusions from sets of data from multiple trials of a scientific investigation.
S.IA.05.15. Use multiple sources of information to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of claims, arguments, or data.
S.IP. Inquiry Process: Develop an understanding that scientific inquiry and reasoning involves observing, questioning, investigating, recording, and developing solutions to problems.
S.IP.M.1. Inquiry involves generating questions, conducting investigations, and developing solutions to problems through reasoning and observation.
S.IP.05.13. Use tools and equipment (spring scales, stop watches, meter sticks and tapes, models, hand lens) appropriate to scientific investigations.
S.IP.05.14. Use metric measurement devices in an investigation.
S.IP.05.16. Identify patterns in data.
S.RS. Reflection and Social Implications: Develop an understanding that claims and evidence for their scientific merit should be analyzed. Understand how scientists decide what constitutes scientific knowledge. Develop an understanding of the importance of reflection on scientific knowledge and its application to new situations to better understand the role of science in society and technology.
S.RS.M.1. Reflecting on knowledge is the application of scientific knowledge to new and different situations. Reflecting on knowledge requires careful analysis of evidence that guides decision-making and the application of science throughout history and within society.
S.RS.05.11. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of claims, arguments, and data.
S.RS.05.15. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, exhibits, and activities.