Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. The nature of science

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Missouri Standards

MO.7. Scientific Inquiry
7.1. Science understanding is developed through the use of science process skills, scientific knowledge, scientific investigation, reasoning, and critical thinking
7.1.B. Scientific inquiry relies upon gathering evidence from qualitative and quantitative observations
7.1.B.b. Scope and Sequence - All Units: Determine the appropriate tools and techniques to collect data
7.1.B.c. Scope and Sequence - All Units: Use a variety of tools and equipment to gather data (e.g., hand lenses, magnets, thermometers, metric rulers, balances, graduated cylinders, spring scales)
7.1.C. Scientific inquiry includes evaluation of explanations (laws/principles, theories/models) in light of evidence (data) and scientific principles (understandings)
7.1.C.a. Scope and Sequence - All Units: Use quantitative and qualitative data as support for reasonable explanations
7.1.C.b. Scope and Sequence - All Units: Use data as support for observed patterns and relationships, and to make predictions to be tested
7.1.C.c. Scope and Sequence - All Units: Evaluate the reasonableness of an explanation
7.1.C.d. Scope and Sequence - All Units: Analyze whether evidence supports proposed explanations
MO.8. Impact of Science, Technology and Human Activity
8.1. The nature of technology can advance, and is advanced by, science as it seeks to apply scientific knowledge in ways that meet human needs
8.1.B. Advances in technology often result in improved data collection and an increase in scientific information
8.1.B.a. Scope and Sequence - Work and Simple Machines/Water Cycle and Weather/Solar System/Classification of Plants and Animals: Describe how new technologies have helped scientists make better observations and measurements for investigations (e.g., telescopes, electronic balances, electronic microscopes, x-ray technology, computers, ultrasounds, computer probes such as thermometers))