Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. The nature of science

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Wisconsin Standards

WI.A. Science Connections: Students in Wisconsin will understand that there are unifying themes: systems, order, organization, and interactions; evidence, models, and explanations; constancy, change, and measurement; evolution, equilibrium, and energy; form and function among scientific disciplines.
A.8.3. Defend explanations and models by collecting and organizing evidence that supports them and critique explanations and models by collecting and organizing evidence that conflicts with them.
A.8.4. Collect evidence to show that models developed as explanations for events were (and are) based on the evidence available to scientists at the time.
A.8.6. Use models and explanations to predict actions and events in the natural world.
A.8.7. Design real or thought investigations to test the usefulness and limitations of a model.
WI.B. Nature of Science: Students in Wisconsin will understand that science is ongoing and inventive, and that scientific understandings have changed over time as new evidence is found.
B.8.3. Explain how the general rules of science apply to the development and use of evidence in science investigations, model-making, and applications.
WI.C. Science Inquiry: Students in Wisconsin will investigate questions using scientific methods and tools, revise their personal understanding to accommodate knowledge, and communicate these understandings to others.
C.8.10. Discuss the importance of their results and implications of their work with peers, teachers, and other adults.
C.8.4. Use inferences to help decide possible results of their investigations, use observations to check their inferences.
C.8.5. Use accepted scientific knowledge, models, and theories to explain their results and to raise further questions about their investigations.
C.8.6. State what they have learned from investigations, relating their inferences to scientific knowledge and to data they have collected.
C.8.9. Evaluate, explain, and defend the validity of questions, hypotheses, and conclusions to their investigations.