Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. The solar system

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Ohio Standards

OH.1. Earth and Space Sciences: Students demonstrate an understanding about how Earth systems and processes interact in the geosphere resulting in the habitability of Earth. This includes demonstrating an understanding of the composition of the universe, the solar system and Earth. In addition, it includes understanding the properties and the interconnected nature of Earth's systems, processes that shape Earth and Earth's history. Students also demonstrate an understanding of how the concepts and principles of energy, matter, motion and forces explain Earth systems, the solar system and the universe. Finally, they grasp an understanding of the historical perspectives, scientific approaches and emerging scientific issues associated with Earth and space sciences.
1.2. Grade Level Indicator: The Universe: Explain that Earth is one of several planets to orbit the sun, and that the moon orbits Earth.
1.3. Grade Level Indicator: The Universe: Describe the characteristics of Earth and its orbit about the sun (e.g., three-fourths of Earth's surface is covered by a layer of water (some of it frozen), the entire planet surrounded by a thin blanket of air, elliptical orbit, tilted axis and spherical planet).
1.A. Explain the characteristics, cycles and patterns involving Earth and its place in the solar system.