Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Weather, Weather patterns and climate

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Delaware Standards

DE.5. Earth's Dynamic Systems
5.1. Components of Earth
Enduring Understanding: Earth's systems can be broken down into individual components which have observable measurable properties.
5.1.A. Water exists in three states (solid, liquid and gas) that are dependent upon the surrounding temperature. (Level: Important)
5.2. Interactions Throughout Earth's Systems
Enduring Understanding: Earth's components form systems. These systems continually interact at different rates of time, affecting the Earth locally and globally.
5.2.E. The surface of Earth changes constantly. Some of these changes happen slowly and are difficult to detect on a daily basis. Other changes happen quickly and result from events (i.e., major storms and volcanoes). (Level: Essential)
5.2.F. Weather changes daily and seasonally. Weather in Delaware may change little from day to day, but can vary greatly when storm systems move into the area. (Level: Compact)