Science Worksheets and Study Guides Sixth Grade. Cells: The Basic Units of Life

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arizona Standards

AZ.SC06-S1. Inquiry Process
SC06-S1C2. Scientific Testing (Investigating and Modeling): Design and conduct controlled investigations.
SC06-S1C2-04. Perform measurements using appropriate scientific tools (e.g., balances, microscopes, probes, micrometers) (See M06-S4C4-02).
AZ.SC06-S2. History and Nature of Science
SC06-S2C1. History of Science as a Human Endeavor: Identify individual, cultural, and technological contributions to scientific knowledge.
SC06-S2C1-02. Describe how a major milestone in science or technology has revolutionized the thinking of the time (e.g., Cell Theory, sonar, SCUBA, underwater robotics).
AZ.SC06-S4. Life Science
SC06-S4C1. Structure and Function in Living Systems: Understand the relationships between structures and functions of organisms.
SC06-S4C1-02. Describe the basic structure of a cell, including: cell wall; cell membrane; nucleus.
SC06-S4C1-03. Describe the function of each of the following cell parts: cell wall; cell membrane; nucleus.
SC06-S4C1-04. Differentiate between plant and animal cells.