Science Worksheets and Study Guides Sixth Grade. Solids, liquids and gases

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Michigan Standards

MI.P. Physical Science
P.CM. Changes in Matter: Develop an understanding of changes in the state of matter in terms of heating and cooling, and in terms of arrangement and relative motion of atoms and molecules. Understand the differences between physical and chemical changes. Develop an understanding of the conservation of mass. Develop an understanding of products and reactants in a chemical change.
P.CM.M.1. Changes in State- Matter changing from state to state can be explained by using models which show that matter is composed of tiny particles in motion. When changes of state occur, the atoms and/or molecules are not changed in structure. When the changes in state occur, mass is conserved because matter is not created or destroyed.
P.CM.06.11. Describe and illustrate changes in state, in terms of the arrangement and relative motion of the atoms or molecules.