Science Worksheets and Study Guides Sixth Grade. Weather patterns

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Delaware Standards

DE.5. Earth's Dynamic Systems
5.2. Interactions Throughout Earth's Systems
Enduring Understanding: Earth's components form systems. These systems continually interact at different rates of time, affecting the Earth locally and globally.
5.2.F. The atmosphere has properties that can be observed, measured, and used to predict changes in weather and to identify climatic patterns. (Level: Essential)
5.2.H. Energy from the Sun heats the Earth unevenly causing pressure differences and air movements (convection currents) resulting in changing weather patterns. (Level: Essential)
5.2.J. Uneven heating and cooling of the Earth's surface produce air masses that differ in density, humidity and temperature. The interaction of these air masses results in significant weather changes. (Level: Essential)
5.3. Technology and Applications
Enduring Understanding: Technology enables us to better understand Earth's systems. It also allows us to analyze the impact of human activities on Earth's systems and the impact of Earth's systems on human activity.
5.3.A. Global weather data from ground measurements, satellites and radar are recorded on maps, analyzed, and used to predict local weather. (Level: Essential)