Science Worksheets and Study Guides Seventh Grade. Motion

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Hampshire Standards

NH.PS3. Physical Science: The motion of an object is affected by force.
S:PS3:8:1.3. Forces: Students will use data to determine or predict the overall (net) effect of multiple forces (e.g., friction, gravitational, magnetic) on the position, speed, and direction of motion of objects.
S:PS3:8:2.2. Motion: Students will explain how the motion of an object can be described by its position, direction of motion, and speed; and illustrate how that motion can be measured and represented graphically.
NH.SPS2. Science Process Skills: Unifying Concepts of Science
S:SPS2:8:4.3. Patterns of Change: Students will apply skills from previous grades and realize that symbolic equations can be used to summarize how the quantity of something changes over time or in response to other changes.
NH.SPS4. Science Process Skills: Science Skills for Information, Communication and Media Literacy
S:SPS4:8:3.3. Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking: Students will apply skills from previous grades and make sketches, graphs, and diagrams to explain ideas and to demonstrate the interconnections between systems.