Science Worksheets and Study Guides Seventh Grade. Our Solar System

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arizona Standards

AZ.SC07-S2. History and Nature of Science
SC07-S2C1. History of Science as a Human Endeavor: Identify individual, cultural, and technological contributions to scientific knowledge.
SC07-S2C1-01. Identify how diverse people and/or cultures, past and present, have made important contributions to scientific innovations (e.g., Rachel Carson , supports Strand 4; Luis Alvarez [scientist] and Walter Alvarez [scientist], support Strand 6; Percival Lowell [scientist], supports Strand 6; Copernicus [scientist], supports Strand 6).
AZ.SC07-S6. Earth and Space Science
SC07-S6C3. Earth in the Solar System: Understand the relationships of the Earth and other objects in the solar system.
SC07-S6C3-06. Explain the relationship among common objects in the solar system, galaxy, and the universe.