Science Worksheets and Study Guides Seventh Grade. The Sun-Earth-Moon System

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Montana Standards

MT.S4. Students, through the inquiry process, demonstrate knowledge of the composition, structures, processes and interactions of Earth's systems and other objects in space.
S4.5. Describe and model the motion and tilt of earth in relation to the sun, and explain the concepts of day, night, seasons, year, and climatic changes
S4.5.gr6-8.A. Explain, using a model, how the Earth rotates and revolves around the sun.
S4.5.gr6-8.E. Predict how a change in planetary movement would change Earth's days, seasons, years and climate.
S4.6. Describe the earth, moon, planets and other objects in space in terms of size, force of gravity, structure, and movement in relation to the sun
S4.6.gr6-8.C. Discuss how length of orbit and period of rotation affects length of years and days
S4.6.gr6-8.D. Compare and contrast the length of days and years on different planets.