Science Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Light

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Kentucky Standards

KY.CC. Core Content for Assessment v.4.1
SC-08-4.6. Energy Transformations: Energy transformations are inherent in almost every system in the universe - from tangible examples at the elementary level, such as heat production in simple earth and physical systems to more abstract ideas beginning at middle school, such as those transformations involved in the growth, dying and decay of living systems. The use of models to illustrate the often invisible and abstract notions of energy transfer will aid in conceptualization, especially as students move from the macroscopic level of observation and evidence (primarily elementary school) to the microscopic interactions at the atomic level (middle and high school levels).
SC-08-4.6.4. Unifying Concepts: Students will analyze information/data about waves and energy transfer; describe the transfer of energy via waves in real life phenomena.