Science Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. The Movement of Ocean Water

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Delaware Standards

DE.5. Earth's Dynamic Systems
5.2. Interactions Throughout Earth's Systems
Enduring Understanding: Earth's components form systems. These systems continually interact at different rates of time, affecting the Earth locally and globally.
5.2.E. Some Earth events such as El Nino, volcanism and global warming can affect the entire Earth system and are likely the result of complex interactions among Earth spheres. (Level: Compact)
5.2.I. Ocean currents, global winds, and storm systems, redistribute heat energy on Earth's surface and therefore affect weather and long-term climatic patterns of a region. (Level: Essential)
5.2.M. Heat energy stored in the oceans and transferred by currents influence climate. A disruption of the circulation and temperature of the world's oceans would foster climate change and have environmental and economic consequences. (Level: Important)