Science Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. The Movement of Ocean Water

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Louisiana Standards

LA.ESS-M. Earth and Space Science: The students will develop an understanding of the properties of earth materials, the structure of the Earth system, the Earth's history, and the Earth's place in the universe.
ESS-M-A11. Structure of the Earth: understanding that the atmosphere interacts with the hydrosphere to affect weather and climate conditions. (1, 4)
ESS-M-C6. Earth in the Solar System: modeling and describing how radiant energy from the sun affects phenomena on the Earth's surface, such as winds, ocean currents, and the water cycle. (1, 2, 3, 4)
GLE-M-10. Grade Level Expectation: Structure of Earth: Illustrate the movement of convection currents (ESS-M-A2)
GLE-M-25. Grade Level Expectation: Structure of Earth: Explain and give examples of how climatic conditions on Earth are affected by the proximity of water (ESS-M-A11)
GLE-M-27. Grade Level Expectation: Structure of Earth: Identify different air masses, jet streams, global wind patterns, and other atmospheric phenomena and describe how they relate to weather events, such as El Nino and La Nina (ESS-M-A12)
GLE-M-44. Grade Level Expectation: Earth in the Solar System: Describe how unequal heating of Earth's surface affects movement of air masses and water in the atmosphere and hydrosphere (ESS-M-C6)