Science Worksheets and Study Guides Kindergarten. Weather

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards

PA.SI. Science as Inquiry
SI.3. Use the five senses and simple equipment to gather data.
PA.3.1. Biological Sciences
3.1.A. Organisms and Cells
Common Characteristics of Life
3.1.K.A1. Identify the similarities and differences of living and nonliving things.
Form and Function
3.1.K.A5. Observe and describe structures and behaviors of a variety of common animals.
PA.3.2. Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics
3.2.A. Chemistry
Properties of Matter
3.2.K.A1a. Identify and classify objects by observable properties of matter.
PA.3.3. Earth and Space Sciences
3.3.A. Earth Structure, Processes and Cycles
Weather and Climate
3.3.K.A5a. Record daily weather conditions using simple charts and graphs.
3.3.K.A5b. Identify seasonal changes in the environment.
3.3.K.A5c. Distinguish between types of precipitation.