Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. American Citizenship

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Minnesota Standards

MN.3. Grade 3: Foundations of Social Studies
3.1. Citizenship and Government
3.1.1. Civic Skills Democratic government depends on informed and engaged citizens who exhibit civic skills and values, practice civic discourse, vote and participate in elections, apply inquiry and analysis skills and take action to solve problems and shape public policy. Identify ways people make a difference in the civic life of their communities, state, nation or world by working as individuals or groups to address a specific problem or need.
3.1.2. Civic Values and Principles of Democracy The United States is based on democratic values and principles that include liberty, individual rights, justice, equality, the rule of law, limited government, common good, popular sovereignty, majority rule and minority rights. Explain the importance of civic discourse (including speaking, listening, voting and respecting diverse viewpoints) and the principles of majority rule and minority rights.