Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Early Settlements

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arkansas Standards

AR.H. History
H.6. History: Students shall analyze significant ideas, events, and people in world, national, state, and local history and how they affect change over time.
H.6.3.11. Continuity and Change: Identify Jamestown as the first permanent American settlement.
H.6.3.12. Continuity and Change: Discuss John Smith's role and influence in the establishment of a self-sufficient settlement in Jamestown.
H.6.3.13. Continuity and Change: Identify the causes for the establishment of the thirteen colonies (e.g., gold, tobacco, religion).
H.6.3.15. Continuity and Change: Identify the modes of transportation in westward movement (e.g., wagons, horses, railroads).
H.6.3.17. Movement: Identify the factors leading to the purchase of Louisiana.
H.6.3.18. Movement: Recognize that Arkansas was part of the Louisiana Purchase.