Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Effective Decision Making

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Alaska Content and Performance Standards

AK.B. Government and Citizenship: A student should understand the constitutional foundations of the American political system and the democratic ideals of this nation. A student who meets the content standard should:
B.2. Recognize American heritage and culture, including the republican form of government, capitalism, free enterprise system, patriotism, strong family units, and freedom of religion.
AK.E. Government and Citizenship: A student should have the knowledge and skills necessary to participate effectively as an informed and responsible citizen. A student who meets the content standard should:
E.2. Recognize that it is important for citizens to fulfill their public responsibilities.
E.3. Exercise political participation by discussing public issues, building consensus, becoming involved in political parties and political campaigns, and voting.
E.6. Recognize the value of community service.
AK.F. Government and Citizenship: A student should understand the economies of the United States and the state and their relationships to the global economy. A student who meets the content standard should:
F.3. Compare alternative economic systems.
F.5. Understand the basic concepts of supply and demand, the market system, and profit.
F.7. Understand the role of self-interest, incentives, property rights, competition, and corporate responsibility in the market economy.
AK.G. Government and Citizenship: A student should understand the impact of economic choices and participate effectively in the local, state, national, and global economies. A student who meets the content standard should:
G.2. Understand that choices are made because resources are scarce.
G.4. Make informed choices on economic issues.
G.7. Understand that economic choices influence public and private institutional decisions.

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