Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Effective Decision Making

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arizona Standards

AZ.SS03-S3. Civics/Government
SS03-S3C1. Foundations of Government: The United States democracy is based on principles and ideals that are embodied by symbols, people and documents.
SS03-S3C1-03. Describe how people in the community and state work together to achieve common goals.
SS03-S3C4. Rights, Responsibilities, and Roles of Citizenship: The rights, responsibilities and practices of United States citizenship are founded in the Constitution and the nation's history.
SS03-S3C4-01. Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizenship: a) good sportsmanship; b) participation and cooperation; c) rules and consequences; d) voting.
SS03-S3C4-02. Describe the importance of students contributing to a community (e.g., service projects, cooperating, volunteering).
AZ.SS03-S5. Economics
SS03-S5C1. Foundations of Economics: The foundations of economics are the application of basic economic concepts and decision-making skills. This includes scarcity and the different methods of allocation of goods and services.
SS03-S5C1-02. Identify opportunity costs in personal decision-making situations.