Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Effective Decision Making

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Louisiana Standards

LA.CIV. Civics
3.5. Government and Political Systems: Students analyze the structures and function of local and state government.
3.5.6. Compare how government officials at the state and national levels are elected
3.6. Citizenship: Students investigate their role as a citizen of Louisiana.
3.6.2. Describe the qualities of a good leader and citizen
3.6.3. Describe how a citizen can help solve a local issue
LA.ECON. Economics
3.7. Personal Finance: Students develop an understanding of earning income, saving, and spending money in order to acquire economic decision-making skills.
3.7.3. Explain the benefits of comparative shopping when making economic decisions
3.8. Wants/Scarcity and Producers/Consumers: Students make connections between the U.S. economic system and how it affects their daily lives.
3.8.1. Investigate the economic concepts of opportunity cost, scarcity, and surplus/shortage and give examples of each based on needs and wants