Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Effective Decision Making

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Ohio Standards

OH.4. Economics: Students use economic reasoning skills and knowledge of major economic concepts, issues and systems in order to make informed choices as producers, consumers, savers, investors, workers and citizens in an interdependent world.
4.1. Grade Level Indicator: Scarcity and Resource Allocation: Define opportunity cost and give an example of the opportunity cost of a personal decision.
4.A. Explain the opportunity costs involved in the allocation of scarce productive resources.
4.C. Explain how competition affects producers and consumers in a market economy and why specialization facilitates trade.
OH.6. Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities: Students use knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in order to examine and evaluate civic ideals and to participate in community life and the American democratic system.
6.1. Grade Level Indicator: Participation: Describe how people help to make the community a better place in which to live including: Working to preserve the environment; Helping the homeless; Restoring houses in low-income areas; Supporting education; Planning community events; Starting a business.
6.2. Grade Level Indicator: Participation: Demonstrate effective citizenship traits including: Civility; Respect for the rights and dignity of each person; Volunteerism; Compromise; Compassion; Persistence in achieving goals; Civic-mindedness
6.3. Grade Level Indicator: Rights and Responsibilities: Describe the responsibilities of citizenship with emphasis on: Voting; Obeying laws; Respecting the rights of others; Being informed about current issues; Paying taxes.